Upgrade to High Quality MP3 Files

I am in the process of upgrading all the MP3 files from 192kbps to full 320kbps and removing the FLAC files. (If this is a problem for you, Sailor Moon Center has everything in FLAC.) The large file transfers generate heavy bandwidth loads which causes my site to hit its memory limits on Dreamhost. 

The following albums have been upgraded to 320kbps MP3 files. Check back as I continue to update this page.

I am turning on comments on this post so you may submit reports of broken links.

Feb 19, 2019

Memorial Music Box Disc 7

Feb 18, 2019

Memorial Music Box Disc 5
Memorial Music Box Disc 6

Feb 17, 2019

Memorial Music Box Disc 3
Memorial Music Box Disc 4
Fixed filenames on Memorial Music Box Disc 2 to include cue numbers

Feb 2019

Sailor Moon Best Song Collection: Pretty Cast
Memorial Music Box Disc 2
Sailor Moon SuperS Orgel Fantasia
Sailor Moon SuperS – Christmas For You
Sailor Moon Choral Suite for Female Chorus and Piano
Sailor Moon S Music Fantasy
Sailor Moon SS In Paris
Sailor Moon SuperS Piano Fantasia
Sailor Moon S ~Uranus, Neptune, Chibimoon, PLUS~
Sailor Moon Brass Fantasy

Jan 2019

Sailor Moon ~Ai ha Dokoni Aruno?~
Sailor Moon R Singles
Sailor Moon R -Symphonic Poem-
Sailor Moon Music Fantasy
Sailor Stars Singles
Sailor Moon Memorial Song Box Discs 1-6

Dec 2018
Sailor Moon ~In Another Dream~
Dear My Friend and Complete Song Collection

Nov 2018

Sailor Moon Music Collection
Sailor Moon R Music Collection
Sailor Moon R Movie Music Collection
Sailor Moon S Music Collection
Sailor Moon S Movie Music Collection
Sailor Moon SuperS Music Collection
Sailor Moon Music Collection Extra Version
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Music Collection Vol. 1
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Music Collection Vol. 2
Memorial Music Box Disc 1
Sailor Moon Game Music: Super Famicon (1993)

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