Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS in Paris

CD Cover

Forte FMCC-5056
Released March 21, 1995
2800 yen
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This is a cute concept album performed by idol singer ASAKAWA Hiroko, who also performed Moonlight Destiny and Sailor Team no Theme for the Sailor Moon S Movie. Here she performs covers and original songs with a French flavor.

Track List / MP3 Downloads
1. Moonlight Densetsu (“Moonlight Legend”)
2. Roman Mokushiroku (“Romantic Apocalypse”)
3. Moonlight Magic
4. Tsuki ni Shikumarete
5. Moonlight Destiny
6. Sailor Team no Theme (Sailor Team’s Theme)
7. Je t’aime Shinpi Taiken (“I Love You: a Mystical Experience”)
Je t’aime 神秘体験
8. Moon Revenge
9. Ai wa Shugosei (“Love is a Guardian Star”)
10. Tuxedo Mirage