Guide to Sailor Moon Music Cues

The Sailor Moon Memorial Music Box includes a booklet with cue sheets for every episode and movie. You can download a zipped file of my scans of these cue sheets.

Tips to reading the cue sheets

  • Pages 104-117 are the master Cue Lists for the music used in each season, categorized by theme. The final column lists the position on the CD the cue is on. This could be on a Music Box disc or one of the series Music Collections. For example: 2-2-2 indicates Music Box disc 2, track 2, cue 2 while ST2-5-2 indicates Sailor Stars Music Collection Vol. 2, track 5, cue 2. The abbreviations EX = Sailor Moon Music Collection Extra Version, R = Sailor Moon R Music Collection, etc.
  • Pages 118-123 list the BGM cues used in the movies
  • Pages 124-195 are Cue Sheets for all 200 episodes. The third column in each episode sheet contains the cue identifier (a letter-number combination), which you use to refer back to the series cue lists (pp. 104-117) for the specific disc that music is on. The cue ID follows the format CD name-track#-tracksection. The cue IDs are listed with the track titles on each disc (see above).

Studio Library Music

Cues labelled ライブラリー (“library”) in the Music Box book are “studio library” pieces. These are scores from other sources that the studio had in their library of sounds and music. Many are from classical compositions. When Toei created that episode, they browsed thru the library and decided that a certain piece of music fit the scene, rather than composing an original piece. Toei Animation does not have the rights to distribute this music and these pieces are not included on the Sailor Moon original soundtracks.

Popular Studio Library Pieces

  • Sailormoon Episode 35: Zosite’s death music is taken from Grieg – Solveig’s Lied (“Solveig’s Air”).
  • Sailormoon Episode 44: Queen Serenity’s death scene. The name of the piece is unknown, but this is the full musical cue (not ripped from the TV broadcast). The music played during the invasion of the moon kingdom scenes in episodes 35 and 44 is taken from the Summer III-Tempo Impetuoso d’Estate section of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.I believe the version used was performed by Vanessa Mae.
  • Sailormoon R Episode 61: Usagi crying in the phone booth – source unknown
  • Sailormoon S Episode 92: Haruka and Michiru VS Talismans – I don’t know the name of the piece, but the music was used in a YouTube video showcasing JAL (Japan Airlines) aircraft. Here is the YouTube flash file.
  • Sailormoon S Episode 110: Haruka and Michiru holding hands on the windowsill. Music file converted from MIDI. TV broadcast rip. This BGM is a classical piece but more of a reinvented version of Handel’s Sarabande.
  • Sailormoon S Episode 110: Eudial’s Pipe Organ Music is taken from Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.
  • Sailormoon S Episode 123: Mozart’s Adagio and Fugue In C Minor, K. 546: II. Fugue. is featured in the episode in which Cyprine and Ptilol recall the students of Infinity Academy (Mugen Gakuen) back to school to steal their heart crystals.
  • Sailor Stars Episode 181: The Marche Funebre (Funeral March) section of Chopin’s Piano Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor is featured in the scene where Iron Mouse receives an ominous phone call. Formerly identified “Iron Mouse Swan Song” in Rattleman’s audio rips.
  • An excerpt from Mozart’s Requiem (approx. 1 hour long) is used in various episodes. For example, the BGM from an episode in the first series where Mako-chan is in the ice rink is a section from the Requiem called “Dies Irae”.This BGM is 1 hour long and 58 MB
  • Bach’s Prelude in C Major is used in Sailor Stars. The track is called Kyuukyoku no Ai (“Ultimate Love”) and is included on both the Memorial Music Box (Disc 7, Track 22) and Sailor Stars Music Collection Vol 2. (Track 15). (tip sent in by Diane B.)
REMOVED March 18, 2010. Ranma thinks is not from episode. Can’t remember myself.Episode 44: classical dance during the ball during the Silver Millenium. Music is from Requiem – Dies Irae by Mozart.

Studio Library Audio Rips

These TV episode audio clips were ripped from the Sailor Moon DVDs by a Forums [closed] member named RattleMan. They contain dialogue. If the piece of music you’re looking for appears in this directory that probably means that the music cue is not available on the original soundtracks. Episode descriptions are available at WikiMoon.