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Sailor Moon: Songs from the TV Series

Sailor Moon & The Scouts: Lunarock

Sailor Moon: The Full Moon Collection

Let’s Fight, Tear Our Hearts in Two, and You’ll Be In My Heart from Sailor Moon S and SuperS have not been released on CD.

Sailor Moon: The Full Moon Collection contains a partial selection of the English dub music from the first two seasons. The third and fourth seasons of the English dub use the original Japanese music from Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon SuperS. There are audio rips of the English dub music from the series. Cues ripped from the DVDs by a dedicated fan: The owner used a “Vocal Remover Plugin” for Winamp to remove the dialogue. There you will find dub background music not available anywhere else.

International Theme Songs (Various)

Brazil (Portuguese)


Credit for the SuperS and SailorStars files goes to Sally Chan. She has a website about the Hong Kong Cantonese version of Sailor Moon: Pretty Soldier—The Crystal Of Star.



Sailor Moon Center has all the German CDs for download:

Opening Theme Lyrics


This album contains all five openings used in the Italian dub, a dance mix of the first season opening, and an audio (drama) version of the final episode of 200. According to The Compleat Sailor Moon CD List [offline], “this drama was included because at first the Italian TV channel that has Sailor Moon didn’t want to show the last episode because of Usagi’s nudity. In the end, they changed their minds and broadcasted a heavily edited version. In the last episode, the original Sailor Star Song is sung in Italian.” I have not included this drama track in the zip file because it’s *huge* in size.


The following files were all provided by Rammar, including the translation of Moonlight Densetsu and the song notes. Rammar notes that “Evgeniya (Zhenya) Davydyuk aka Itsuki Akiba/Mamimi used literary translation – it is close to the original text, but it is literary and it was made just for singing.”

Russian SM fan songs


  • Chilean Album: Sailor Moon SuperS

    These files were provided by Paul aka Italo, a fan from Chile. All twelve vocal tracks, scans, and lyrics are provided in this zip file, plus a bonus track of the Heart Moving TV Version. The Chilean producers of this soundtrack took 9 songs from the first Sailor Moon USA soundtrack and made new arrangements with adapted lyrics and Spanish vocals. For Moonlight Densetsu and Heart Moving the producers took the Spanish lyrics adapted previously for the Mexian dub and created new arrangements. These songs were created specially for this CD and were not featured in the Sailor Moon dub shown in Chile, which was the Mexican dub and featured the original Japanese music.

  • Chilean Moon Revenge Promo CD Single [18.1 MB]. Performed by Jessica Toledo and Salome Anjari.

    These tracks were produced in Chile by Mauricio Villarroel’s Indie record label and released as a CD single in Chile, together with the track “Escuadrsn de la Flor (Geki Teikoku Kagekidan)”, and distributed free for a limited time on the now-closed websites and The songs were performed by Jessica Toledo (who performed on the album Bys Revolution) and Salome Anjari. Files provided by Mauricio Villarroel.