Related Songs

“Sayonara ha Dance no Ato ni”

This classic 1960s’ Japanese song inspired the tune for Moonlight Densetsu. The title translates to “Goodbye at the End of the Dance”. Performed by Baishou Chieko.

“Azusa Nigou”

This song was used as Yuuichiro’s (Chad’s) plaintive image song in Sailor Moon S Episode 99Azusa Nigou was performed by a 1970’s J-idol duo called “Kariudo”. Originally released on as an EP record single, an updated version was released years later as a single. The MP3 sounds a little different from the version in the episode (notably the chorus). The updated version of the song may be the one used in Sailor Moon. Credits: information, links to the singles, and lyrics romanization provided by Izak. I don’t know any more about it, as someone sent me the MP3 long ago.

Voice Actress Releases

Megumi Ogata