Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R: Mirai he Mukatte (Heading Towards the Future)

CD Cover

  • 1st release: 1993.06.01. Columbia COCC-10838. 2800 yen. Out of print.
  • 2nd release: 2001.06.01. Columbia COCC-31391. 2300 yen. Out of print.
  • 3rd release: 2010.03.17 (HQCD). Columbia COCX-36150. 2500 yen. Out of print.

Music tracks point to Memorial Song Box Disc 3 and Sailor Moon Super Best.

Track Title
1. 好きと言って
Suki to Itte (“Say You Love Me”) – by ISHIDA Yoko

Plays in the background of numerous SMR episodes

2. I am セーラームーン
I am Sailor Moon – by MITSUISHI Kotono

3. 同じ涙を分け合って
Onaji Namida wo Wakeatte(“Sharing the Same Tears”) – by HISAKAWA Aya

Appears in Episode 62 when Ami is leaving to study abroad. Replaced with “Only a Memory Away” in the English adaptation.

4. 聖・炎・愛 〜Fire Soul Love〜
Sei·Hi·Ai ~Fire Soul Love~ (“Holy/Flame/Love ~Fire Soul Love~”) – by TOMIZAWA Michie

5. 乙女のポリシー
Otome no Policy (“Maiden’s Policy”) – ISHIDA Yoko

6. 抱きしめていたい
Dakishimete Itai (“I Want to Hold You”) – FURUYA Tohru

7. STARLIGHT にキスして
Starlight ni Kiss Shite (“Kiss the Starlight”) – by SHINOHARA Emi

8. ルート・ヴィーナス
Route Venus – by FUKAMI Rica

Appears in episodes 154 and 192

9. 愛の戦士
Ai no Senshi (“Soldiers of Love”) – by ISHIDA Yoko

Appears in episodes 68 and 102. Replaced with “Tear Our Hearts in Two” in English.

10. ムーンライト伝説
Moonlight Densetsu (“Moonlight Legend”) – by DALI

Another Sky / Yoko Ishida

ISHIDA Yoko is a Japanese singer who has performed theme songs for numerous anime including Sailor Moon, Prétear, A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Petite Princess Yucie, Ai Yori Aoshi, the Ah! My Goddess TV series and Strike Witches, in addition to the Para Para Max CD series of anime covers. She made her debut with the Sailor Moon R ending theme Otome no Policy. In 2010 Ishida released a compilation album of her anime songs called Another Sky.