Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Music Collection

CD Cover

First issue Second issue
Columbia COCC-11777 Columbia COCX-36152
Released June 1, 1994 Released March 17, 2010 (HQ CD)
Price: ¥2800 Price: ¥2500

This soundtrack includes the Sailormoon S make-up and attack music and the Outer Senshi make-up, appearance, and attack music. The new version of <e,>Moonlight Densetsu recorded by Moon Lips and the ending theme Tuxedo Mirage were released separately as a single.</e,>

Like many anime soundtracks, not all musical cues from this season were included on the music collection (this Anime News Network article may help explain). Additional music cues from this season were released on the Sailor Moon Music Collection: Extra Version and the Memorial Music Box, Disc 4.

The music that plays during the “Haruka and Michiru holding hands” scene in episode 110 was never released on CD. It is a classical piece based on Handel’s Sarabande. An audio rip is available.

The music played when the Talisman first appear in ep 110 is “Senshi’s Fate”, track 10 (cue 2).

Track Titles / MP3 Downloads
1. Seihai, Kyuuseishu … Shinpi naru Sekai (“Holy Grail, Messiah…Mystic World”)
2. Subtitle
3. Asa no Namikidou (“Tree-lined street in the morning”)
4. Death Busters no Yabou (“Death Busters’ Ambitions”)
5. Tenou Haruka to Kaiou Michiru (“Tenou Haruka and Kaiou Michiru”)
6. Koisuru Otome ha Tomaranai! (“Girls in Love Won’t Stop!”)
7. Daimon Shutsugen (“Daimon Appearance”)
8. Eyecatch
9. Ubawareta Junsui na Kokoro no Kesshou (“Stolen Pure Heart Crystal”)
10. Senshi no Shukumei… (“Senshi’s Fate…”)
11. Henshin! Sailor Senshi (“Transform! Sailor Soldiers”)
12. Uranus, Soshite, Neptune (“Uranus and Neptune”)
13. The Pretty Soldiers’ Big War!
14. Ai no Kiseki (“Miracle of Love”)
15. Raishuu mo mite ne! (“See you next week!”)