Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Music Collection: Extra Version

CD Cover

  • Columbia COCC-13402
  • Released 1996.06.21 (out of print)

This supplementary soundtrack released during the final series of Sailor Moon features background music from the first four seasons which was left out of their respective Music Collections. This includes the TV size versions of Moonlight Densetsu and Tuxedo Mirage. A number of these cues appear to be Studio Library tracks which were not included on the 10-disc Sailor Moon Memorial Music Box. The “Hope For the Future” ‘waltz’ that Professor Tomoe composed in episode 108 is one such piece.

Sailor Moon
1. ムーンライト伝説 (TVヴァージョン)
Moonlight Densetsu (TV Version)

2. アイキャッチ (コーラスなしヴァージョン)
Eyecatch (chorus nashi version) (“Eyecatch (no chorus version)”)

3. 変身
Henshin (“Transformation”)

4. 感動と決意
Kandou to Ketsui (“Excitement and Determination”)

5. 絶望と悪
Zetsubou to Aku (“Despair and Evil”)

6. 休息
Kyuusoku (“Rest”)

7. ファンファーレ その他
Fanfare sona ta (“Fanfare and so forth”)

Sailor Moon R
8. アイキャッチ

9. エンディング・アレンジ ~明るく元気にそしてロマンチックに~
Ending Arrange ~Akaruku Genki ni soshite Romantic ni~ (“Ending Arrangement ~Cheerful and Romantic~”)

10. 変身と必殺技
Henshin to Hissatsuwaza (“Transformation and Special Move”)

11. うさぎのテーマ・葛藤・エイルのフル-ト
Usagi no Theme · Kattou · Ail no Flute (“Usagi’s Theme / Conflict / Ail’s Flute”)

12. 強い敵
Tsuyoi Teki (“Strong Enemy”)

Sailor Moon S
13. オープニング・アレンジ ~感動的そして不安な~
Opening Arrange ~Kandouteki soshite Fuan na~ (“Opening Arrangement ~Emotional and then Uneasy~”)

14. オープニング・アレンジ ~ノスタルジックそしてロマンチックに~
Ending Arrange ~Nostalgic soshite Romantic~ (“Ending Arrangement ~Nostalgic and then Romantic~”)

15. 必殺技・戦士の宿命・敵の野望
Hissatsuwaza · Senshi no Shukumei · Teki no Yabou (“Special Move · Soldier’s Destiny · Enemy’s Goal”)

16. やさしい情景
Yasashii Joukei (“Gentle Scene”)

17. 緊張の情景と行動的なBGM
Kinchou no Joukei to Koudouteki na BGM (“Tense Situation and Action BGM”)

18. みちるとはるか
Michiru to Haruka (“Michiru and Haruka”)

19. ブリッジと悲しみ
Bridge to Kanashimi (“Bridge and Sadness”)

Sailor Moon SuperS
20. 予告
Yokoku (“Preview”)

21. エンディング・アレンジ
Ending Arrange (“Ending Arrangement”)

22. 敵とペガサスのテーマ
Teki to Pegasus no Theme (“Enemy and Pegasus Theme”)

23. 日常的BGM
Nichijouteki BGM (“Daily BGM”)

24. 戦闘的BGM
Sentouteki BGM (“Fighting BGM”)

Bonus Tracks
25. ピンチ…そして、決意
Pinchi…soshite, Ketsui (“Pinch…and then, Determination”)

26. タキシード・ミラージュ (TVヴァージョン)
Tuxedo Mirage [TV Version]