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  1. bjwanlund says:

    Actually they’ve been getting a whole lot better at getting the SM stuff out very close to, if not day-&-date on the US iTunes! The MomoClo version of Moon Pride was practically day-&-date on US iTunes while the Crystal soundtrack was released quite close to the release date as well, so maybe the new character song CD will release day-&-date or as close as possible on the US iTunes.

  2. Michelle says:

    Really? The US and CA iTunes shows 18-Feb-2015 as the OST release date so I thought that’s when it went up.

  3. bjwanlund says:

    Some of those dates are… shall I say… wildly inaccurate. I would actually advise searching for it starting the week of release. Some times it isn’t up in a visible spot the week of release (because Japan’s got a weird release schedule), but a search very well could spot it the week of release or shortly thereafter.