New CD: Sailor Moon Crystal Theme Song Single: Moon Pride

The official trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal has been released, and in addition to hearing the new voice actress for Luna and seeing the new character designs in action, we get to hear a clip from the new opening theme!

The theme song is titled “Moon Pride” and the ending theme is “Moon Rainbow” (or “Moonbow”). Both are performed by Momoiro Clover Z. The ending theme was composed by Akiko Kosaka, who composed the enormously popular “Tuxedo Mirage”, “Moon Revenge” and “Sailor Team’s Theme” from the original anime, as well as many songs and background music for the musicals.

According to the Sailor Moon Official Site, the theme single will be released on July 30, 2014 in two versions. The “Momoclo Version” includes the opening and opening theme and a Momoiro Clover Z cover of Moon Revenge and their off vocal (karaoke) versions. The “Sailor Moon Version” includes only the opening and ending themes but comes with a bonus blu-ray with a music video of the opening theme featuring original animation [the video is now available on the Momoiro Clover Z channel]. So you can get the Moon Revenge track or the music video, but not both.

Moon Pride Momoclo Version KICM-1533

Moon Pride [Momoclo Version]

Catalog No. KICM-1533
Available for purchase at CD Japan and on iTunes

1. Moon Pride
2. 月虹 (“Moon Rainbow”)
3. Moon Revenge
4. Moon Pride (Off-Vocal Version)
5. 月虹 (“Moon Rainbow”) (Off-Vocal Version)
6. Moon Revenge (Off-Vocal Version)

Moon Pride Sailor Moon Version KIZM-295

Moon Pride [Sailor Moon Version] [CD+Blu-ray]

Catalog No. KIZM-295
Available for purchase at CD Japan

Disc 1 [CD]
1. Moon Pride
2. 月虹 (“Moon Rainbow”)
3. Moon Pride (Off-Vocal Version)
4. 月虹 (“Moon Rainbow”) (Off-Vocal Version)

Disc 2 [Blu-ray]
Moon Pride Music Video [view on YouTube]