New CD: Sailor Moon the 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute

Available at CD Japan and on iTunes

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon the 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute is a 10-track album released on Jan 29, 2014 which features cover versions of the iconic Sailor Moon themes performed by currently popular J-Pop artists.

King Records has put out an awesome promo video for the album which gives a nice sampling of each song. You can also listen to samples on CD Japan. I’m really liking some of these tracks. So many memories! The inclusion of a male vocalist on Ai no Senshi is inspired, I love it! What do you think — can you resist hearing the old favourites with a new twist?

Track List Artist
1. Moonlight Densetsu Momoiro Clover Z
2. Heart Moving Shoko Nakagawa
3. Princess Moon Haruka Fukuhara
4. Otome No Policy Yakushimaru Etsuko
5. La Soldier Tommy heavenly6
6. Ai No Senshi Mariko Goto x Abu-chan (Joobachi)
7. Tuxedo Mirage Momoiro Clover Z
8. “Rashiku”Ikimasho Haruko Momoi
9. Sailor Star Song Mitsuko Horie
10. Kaze Mo Sora Mo Kitto… Makoto Kawamoto

But wait, there’s more!

There will be a special limited edition 7-inch vinyl record version released on June 25, 2014. Five 7-inch vinyl records each featuring 2 songs will be released for 1500 yen each, or 8100 yen for the box set, will be released exclusively through HMV Japan, Lawson (a convenience store franchise chain in Japan), and Ministop store Loppi, according to the Sailor Moon Official Site.

Only Japanese music publishers could dream of such a glorious cash grab.

There is a “Sailor Moon the 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute” special site with comments from each artist and the song’s arranger. All in Japanese, of course, but looks very lovely.