Sailor Moon R Prologue & Poem – Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno

Prologue and Poem for Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon R Image Single (Koibito ni wa Narenai Kedo)

Performed by Aya Hisakawa
Translated by Dan Boccia


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My name is Ami Mizuno. My guardian planet is Mercury. My hobbies include studying, swimming and chess.

I love to study so much that when I really get involved in it, it’s as if everyone around me disappears. But as my test scores increase, so do the people who sneer at me. From behind my back, they called me cold or stuck-up. The real me is totally unlike that though.

Usagi was the one who rescued me from that life of isolation. Now I’m not alone anymore. And I feel that working as Sailor Mercury for everybody’s sake is very worthwhile.

There are scary times, but something warm within my heart spurs me on. But I think it’s more important to keep my grades up than to fight. Right, Usagi?


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Even if I spend my lunch break in the classroom, even if I bring my things to the rooftop, every time my friends open up to me about their troubles with love, there’s always more. “He won’t look at me.” If it’s that unpleasant, then you should stop using that tone. “He doesn’t call me as much.” If you’re lonely, then you should say so clearly! Whether they like you or love you, their feelings are bound to change. The real thing doesn’t exist anywhere. My tests, my study schools, my aspirations, I just can’t believe they’re all that important. I have no one I love, nor have I fallen in love before. Liking someone, loving someone, I don’t really know anything about it. In spite of that sometimes I have this dream. What kind of dream? I feel like I can remember it, but I can’t. All that’s left is a poignant painful feeling. Those mornings I feel like crying. On top of a bridge, the red color of brake lights, like the blue flower on the water, somewhere far… I’d like to drift somewhere far away! I have moments like those. Whether I’m called an honor student, whether I’m called a goody-two-shoes, I’ve never known the relief of being liked, or loved. Even so, every now and again I have this dream. What kind of dream? I feel like I can remember it, but I can’t. There’s someone who says, “Let’s get out of here, let’s go together.” The truth is, somewhere in my heart, he may be waiting for me.