Sailor Moon Christmas Prologue & Poem


  • Scenario and composition by Tagami Yuu
  • Performed by MITSUISHI Kotono, TOMIZAWA Michie, HISAKAWA Aya, SHINOHARA Emi, FUKAMI Rica
  • Translated by Kurozuki

Rei: Oh, I’m thirty minutes late now! Usagi’s house is, let’s see, straight along this path… Oh, since they all go to Juuban High, I bet they exchange notes and such during class, working on Christmas plans! I just found out there was a party at Usagi’s place on the phone yesterday, and I just found out the time a little while ago on my pager! And still, when I called, it was “Buy fruit for the salad!” and “Don’t you have some fun game?” I wish they would shape up! They won’t make fun of Hino Rei-sama of T*A Girls School! Hmph!

[doorbell rings]

Usagi: Coming!

[door opens]

Usagi: Oh, Rei-chan. You’re late!

Rei: What! I couldn’t help it. “Come on, Rei-chan, run as fast as you can!”

Makoto: Quit fighting, you two.

Usagi: Even Mako-chan was going on and on about it. We were all waiting for you, Rei-chan.

Makoto: *sigh* I was just now making a nice dish with Usagi-chan’s mom, so come help Ami-chan decorate the room.

Ami: You don’t have to worry about me, I was just about finished.

Makoto: Well then, why don’t you put the candles on the cake.

Usagi: No problem! I’ll do the cake!!

Makoto: Er, Usagi-chan…

Ami: It’s all right. I can do it by myself…

Usagi: No fair, no fair! I’ll do it too! I’ll put on a bunch of candles.
… Speaking of which, I wonder how many there should be. Ten!!
I guess there’s no reason for that…

Rei: I know! Since Christmas is the birthday of Christ…

1996 candles!!!

Ami: Umm, you two…

Makoto: Well, whatever you decide, as long as Minako-chan hasn’t bought the cake…

[door opens]

Minako: Sorry I’m late, everyone! Hey, hey, listen, listen. They were filming at the park near the shopping district. I think it might be for a commercial, but Arisa-chan was so cute! “Will you stay with me even after we graduate?” I’m going to catch him, and sunset might be the best match again.

Usagi: Minako-chan.

Minako: But, they’re already filming the graduation ceremony. And graduation is in March. It’s December now, so January, February, March…

Usagi: Minako-chan!!

Minako: Huh!?

Usagi: It looks to me like you’re empty-handed, Minako-chan, but…
Where’s the cake?

Minako: Oh…!! I forgot…



  • Scenario and composition by Tagami Yuu
  • Performed by MITSUISHI Kotono, TOMIZAWA Michie, HISAKAWA Aya, SHINOHARA Emi, FUKAMI Rica
  • Translated by Kurozuki

Usagi: To my love, Mamo-chan,

There was a beautiful sunset earlier, but…
The stars began to twinkle, the pale moon was coming out, but…
Now, the clouds are hiding them all…

Really, so much happened this year.
So much happened…

We said Christmas Eve, but you haven’t returned after all.
And yet, all I can do is keep sending letters…
I know if I send it now, Christmas will be over when it arrives.

Merry Christmas, Mamo-chan.

Are you well? Has your body worn down from too much study?
Of course, I support the path you’ve chosen.
I wish you were here at the Christmas party, too.
I want to see you…

Minako: Usagi-chan!

Rei: You’re out on the balcony alone?

Ami: It’s so cold out, what are you doing?

Usagi: Everyone… It’s nothing, it’s nothing. Sorry, let’s go back and get on with the party!

Makoto: That’s a letter to Mamoru-san, isn’t it.

Usagi: Oh… Mako-chan.

Makoto: It’s all right, I’m sure all of the ones you’ve sent so far have made it to Mamoru-san.

Rei: Yeah, definitely… They definitely made it.

Minako: That’s right. He’s probably busy and can’t write a reply, but he must read them.

Usagi: Thanks… everyone.

Ami: Oh, Usagi-chan, snow!

Usagi: Wow! Really, it’s pretty…

Makoto: If the snow stops, we’ll be able to see the pretty stars again.

Minako: Even hard times when you can’t meet will pass soon. And you have us, too!

Ami: Come on, Usagi-chan, let’s go inside.

Rei: Resume the party! Let’s get this going!

Ami/Makoto/Minako: Let’s go!

Usagi: Oh, wait a minute. I’m going to send this letter.

Rei: All right.

Minako: See you in a little while, Usagi-chan.

Ami: Be careful.

Makoto: We’ll wait to cut the cake.

Usagi: Mamo-chan…
However hard things are, I’ll be all right.
I have all of them.
But if you stop being busy, and come back here, where I’m trying
to keep on, hold me tightly… Very tightly.

Merry Christmas, Mamo-chan.