Sailor Moon: The Full Moon Collection

CD Cover

This CD contains selected background music, insert songs, and remixes of insert songs released on the previous CDs. The songs repeated from the previous two releases are of a higher audio quality.

Track List
1. Pan Flute [BGM]
2. Sailor Moon Theme (S.A.F. Remix)
3. I’m Not Ready
4. My Only Love (Remix)
5. I Want Someone to Love (RAWer Remix)
6. I Want to Hold Your Hand (High-NRG Remix)
7. Moon Crystal Power [BGM]
8. Call My Name (And I’ll Be There)
9. Tiara Action [BGM]
10. I Wanna Be A Star
11. Receiving Waves, Part 3
12. The Power of Love
13. Tuxedo Mask [BGM]
14. Rainy Day Man
15. Luna [BGM]
16. Nothing At All
17. Sailor Jupiter [BGM for Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter]
18. It’s a New Day
19. Melvin [BGM]
20. Sailor Moon Theme (S.A.F. Club Mix)
21. Queen Beryl [BGM]