Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R Movie Music Collection

CD Cover

  • 1st release: 1993.12.21. Forte Music FMCC-5019. 2800 yen. Out of print.
  • 2nd release: 2010.03.17 (HQCD). Columbia COCX-36151. 2500 yen.
  • Purchase the HQCD re-release at CD Japan

This soundtrack features music from the R movie and some music from the R series. Each track contains multiple cues. The Tuxedo Mask theme features a trumpet lead, and some songs substitute voices for certain instruments. Included on this album is the movie version of “I am Sailor Moon” performed by Peach Hips (the main five cast) from the Make up! Sailor Senshi special that played in theatres prior to the Sailor Moon R movie.

Track Title
1. プロローグ

2. Moon Revenge [Lyrics]

3. 紅い髪の少年
Akai Kami no Shounen (“Red Haired Boys”)

4. 植物園のハプニング!〜侵略の予兆
Shokubutsuen no Happening! ~ Shinryaku no Yochou (“Happening in the Garden! ~ Signs of Invasion”)

5. 花妖魔グリシナ
Hana Youma Glycina (“Flower Monster Glycina”)

6. メイクアップ!

7. 燃える美少女戦士
Moeru Bishoujo Senshi (“Pretty Soldiers on Fire”)

8. タキシード仮面登場 〜 衛とフィオレ
Tuxedo Kamen Toujou – Mamoru to Fiore (“Tuxedo Mask Appears – Mamoru and Fiore”)

9. セーラー・テレポート!
Sailor Teleport!

10. 追想のフィオレ
Tsuisou no Fiore (“Fiore’s Recollection”)

11. 花迷宮の死闘
Hana Meikyuu no Shitou (“Flower Labyrinth Struggle to the Death”)

12. 激突!セーラームーン vs フィオレ
Gekitotsu! Sailormoon VS Fiore (“Clash! Sailormoon VS Fiore”)

13. 生命燃やして…
Seimei Moyashite… (“Burning Life…”)

14. 復活のセレナーデ
Fukkatsu no Serenade (“Resurrection Serenade”)

15. I am セーラームーン
I am Sailor Moon [Lyrics]