Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS: Orgel Fantasia

CD Cover

  • Columbia COCC-12882
  • Released 1995.09.21. Out of Print

Orgel is the Japanese word for a music box. The synthesized tracks on this album replicate the sound of a celeste or celesta (a rank of pipes on an organ that are “tuned slightly off pitch from each other [to] produce an undulating or shimmering tone” –

Track Title
1. ムーンライト伝説
Moonlight Densetsu (“Moonlight Legend”) [SM]
2. Heart Moving [SM]
3. 乙女のポリシー
Otome no Policy (“Maiden’s Policy”) [SM R]
4. 恋人にはなれないけど
Koibito ni Hanarenai Kedo (“Becoming Sweethearts Cannot Happen, But…”) [SM R]
5. STARLIGHT にキスして
Starlight ni Kisu Shite (“Kiss the Starlight”) [SM R]
6. 同じ涙を分け合って
Onaji Namida wo Wakeatte (“Sharing the Same Tears”) [SM R]
7. 愛の戦士
Ai no Senshi (“Soldiers of Love”) [SM R]
8. プリンセス・ムーン
Princess Moon [SM]
9. I am セーラームーン
I am Sailor Moon [SM R]
10. タキシード・ミラージュ
Tuxedo Mirage [SM S]
11. ラ・ソウルジャーLa Soldier
La Soldier [SM R]
12. 私たちになりたくて
Watashi-tachi ni naritakute (“Wanting to Be Together With You”) [SM SS]
13. エピローグ(ムーンライト伝説)
Epilogue (Moonlight Densetsu) [Star Locket version]