Forums Closure – March 31, 2014

It’s time for one of those announcements…

After a long period of inactivity on the Forums I have decided to close them down. There were some suggestions about replacing the forums with a more current social media format like Facebook/Google+/Twitter etc. I don’t wish to start one myself, but if someone else would like to set something up I’d be happy to link to it from here. Message boards are definitely old school and I’m sure something like Facebook would be more appealing to many people. I just don’t want to have to maintain it myself :)

Comments are welcome below. I can also be reached on Twitter @sgmaidofmight.

8 Responses

  1. tsunderluv says:

    I really miss the good old times, when you could chat in message boards. Just wanted to say that I really love your site, and your effort in keep it nice and online! Thanks to you a lot of people can hear these amazing songs :)

  2. Mario E. says:

    Thank you so much. Such joy to get it in Flac…

  3. Luke says:

    16. それじゃあ、また来週ネ
    Sore jaa, Mata Raishuu ne (“This is it! See you next week!”) on the SuperS Music Collection page is pointing to track 15 instead.

  4. Sailor Star Dust says:

    I was wondering why the forums were broken (trying to sign in wouldn’t work) since sometime last/this year. Thanks for letting us know!

  5. Michelle says:

    I wasn’t aware of that. I was contemplating this for a while, and then the php board software got hacked yet again. It didn’t make sense to risk the outdated forum model compromising my site any longer.

  6. Michelle says:

    Fixed it, thanks.

  7. Julayla says:

    Sad to see the forums go even though I just came. I hope you can find the right site you will feel comfy for for your site.

  8. I was planning to post something up there about my planned “Songs From The Hit TV Series” remix album. Someone will definitely need to start a FB group. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to, but I support anyone who thinks it’s a good Idea.