Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Movie Music Collection

CD Cover

  • 1st release: 1994.12.211. Forte Music FMCC-5050. 2800 yen.
  • 2nd release: 2010.03.17 (HQCD). Columbia COCX-36153. 2500 yen.
  • Purchase the HQCD re-release at CD Japan.

This soundtrack features the beautiful and touching music from the Luna-centered Sailor Moon S Movie. It includes the song “Sailor Team no Theme” (Sailor Team’s Theme) which was originally intended to appear in the movie, but was later used during the Sailor Team and Amazoness Quartet face-off in Sailor Moon SuperS.

Track Title
1. 邪悪
Jaaku (“Evil”)

2. ルナ

3. 翔

4. うさぎ

5. 胸騷ぎ
Munasawagi (“Apprehension”)

6. スノーダンサー襲来
Snow Dancer Shuurai (“Snow Dancer Attack”)

7. 変身
Henshin (“Transformation”)

8. 戦闘
Sentou (“Battle”)

9. 愛と友情の力
Ai to Yuujou no Chikara (“The Power of Friendship and Love”)

10. 愛のメッセージ
Ai no Message (“Message of Love”)

11. Moonlight Destiny [Lyrics]

12. セーラーチームのテーマ
Sailor Team no Theme (“Sailor Team’s Theme”) [Lyrics]