Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Music Collection

CD Cover

  • 1st release: 1992.05.01. Columbia COCC-9896. 2800 yen. Out of print.
  • 2nd release (HQCD): 2010.03.17. Columbia COCX-36146. 2500 yen.
  • Purchase the HQCD re-release at CD Japan.

The first soundtrack released for Sailor Moon includes numerous themes that would continue to be used in R, S and SuperS. The Memorial Music Box would release even more cues from the first season, spanning two discs. Tracks 2-9 are found in the same order on Music Box Disc 1 while track 10 is split over tracks 30, 2, 3, 12, 8 on Music Box Disc 2.

Track Title
1. ムーンライト伝説
Moonlight Densetsu (“Moonlight Legend”) [Lyrics]

2. あたしだって普通の女の子
Atashi Datte Futsuu no Onnanoko (“I’m Just an Ordinary Girl”)

3. 本当に選ばれた戦士なの?
Hontou ni Erabareta Senshi Nano? (“Really Chosen to be a Soldier?”)

4. 星空はミステリアス
Hoshizora ha Mysterious (“Mysterious Starry Sky”)

5. おっちょこちょいは生まれつき
Occhokochoi ha Umaretsuki (“Scatterbrained By Nature”)

6. 恋する乙女心
Koisuru Otomegokoro (“Falling in Love: A Girl’s Feelings”)

7. 誰かが狙われている
Dareka ga Nerawareteiru (“Stalking Someone”)

8. 夢見るおだんごアタマ
Yumemiru Odango Atama (“Dreaming Dumpling-head”)

9. 夕暮れ時は妖魔の予感
Yuugure Toki ha Youma no Yokan (“Premonition of Demons at Dusk”)

10. ムーン・プリズム・パワー・メイクアップ!
Moon Prism Power Make Up!

11. Heart Moving [Lyrics]