Eien no Melody

“Eternal Melody”

  • Written by Noda Kaoru
  • Composed by Mashita Izumi
  • Arranged by Akasaka Tooru
  • Performed by TOMIZAWA Michie (Rei)
  • Translated by Kurozuki
  • Original Japanese lyrics at Eien no Melody

Rei’s monologue from In Another Dream

Japanese Lyrics English Lyrics
Taiyou ni kazashita
Kokoro ni anata ga iru
Suki to ienakute mo
Anata ga kokoro ni iruNee yuuki wo arigatou
Hora umaretate no power
Subete wo tsutsunde kagayaku

Sora ya umi no hirosa yori mo
Yume wa hateshi nai tte
Kidzuita no wa koi wo shite kara

Unmei no nagare wo
Issho ni oyogitai no
Donna dekigoto ni mo
Maketari shinai you ni

Nee deaete yokatta
Sono atatakai kuuki
Kizu tsuita hibi ga toketeku

Zutto suki datta shinu hodo
Kaze ni tadayou tane ga
Mebuku you na anata no egao

Oto mo nai uchuu no sumi ni
Daremo ga hitori
Semete ai kanjiaetara
Ikite yukeru ashita e to

Atsuku komiageru kodou wa
Towa ni dare no mune ni mo
Hibikiwataru mahou no merodi

Sora ya umi no aosa yori mo
Yume wa suki to otteru to
Anata no me ga oshiete kureta

Shaded by the sunlight
In my heart you are here
Even without saying you love me
You are here in my heartSay, thanks for your bravery
Look, the newly born power
Covering everything, shining brightly

Even more than the spacious sky and the sea
My dreams have no limits
I have realized that because I am in love

In the stream of destiny
I want to swim together with you
Whatever happens to us
I’ll be sure not to give up

Say, I’m glad we met each other
That warm atmosphere around us
The days of being hurt are melting away

I love you so much that I could die
Drifting in the wind the seed
Will sprout like your smiling face

Where there is no sound in the corners of space
Everybody is alone
When at least our feelings of love meet
I can go on to tomorrow

The throbbing building up warmly
Eternally whoever’s heart it is in
It will resound loudly, the magical melody

Even more than the blue sky and the sea
I will chase after my dreams with love
Your deep eyes told me to do that

Monologue 3 ~ Rei

  • Written by TOMITA Sukehiro
  • Performed by TOMIZAWA Michie
  • Translated by Kurozuki

I feel like the person I love is standing in the way. I wonder if I’m being deceived. Love ends when people drift apart. I envision that something large has bended. When I think that, my heart it wounded, and I become unable to stand it.

Sometimes I think I want to be alone, and be free. But maybe I won’t do that, because I believe in him. Because I love him. I need him. “Loneliness”… I hate words like that. I always say what I’m thinking, so often I’m disliked. But, that is my gentle feeling. I wonder if it’s wrong for me to say things bluntly to the person I can love and believe in.

Maybe it’s not created by intimate people, who love each other and believe in their relationship. I feel that when people in love appreciate each other’s faults, intimacy is born and nurtured.

Hino Rei. I prefer love hot like a flame. I want to fall in passionate love. I want passionate love, burning thunderously like a flame.