Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Music Collection [Memorial Music Box Disc 4]


Music Box Disc 4 Cover

The music that plays during the “Haruka and Michiru holding hands” scene in episode 110 is not on this CD but can be downloaded here as an audio rip. It is a classical piece based on Handel’s Sarabande. Saturn’s ethereal “lalala” music is on Track 18. The music that plays when the Talisman first appear in episode 110 is on Sailormoon S Music Collection Track 10 (cue 2).

Some music from S is included on other discs: SM S Music Collection tracks 1-1, 1-2, 6-2, 3-1, Sailor Moon Music Collection: Extra Version tracks 16-2, 17-1, Memorial Music Box Disc 5 track 13-2.

Track Title
1. 運命の戦士 (M362, M330B, M338)
Unmei no Senshi (“Soldiers of Destiny”)

2. ムーンライト伝説(ムーンリップス) TVサイズ、SE入り
Moonlight Densetsu (Moon Lips) [TV Size, Sound Effects] [Lyrics]

3. Sサブタイトル音楽 (M317)
S Subtitle Ongaku (“S Subtitle Music”)

4. ピュアな心 (M322, M326, M329, M340)
Pure na Kokoro (“Pure Heart”)

5. はるかとみちる (M371, M372, M331, M332)
Haruka to Michiru (“Haruka and Michiru”)

6. デスバスターズ (M313, M346)
Death Busters

7. ダイモーン出現 (M333, M336)
Daimon Shutsugen (“Daimon Appearance”)

8. ダイモーン (M314, M341, M345)

9. 追跡 (M342A, M342)
Tsuiseki (“Pursuit”)

10. セーラーウラヌス&ネプチューン (M307, M315, M316)
Sailor Uranus & Neptune [theme music, transformation, battle BGM]

11. スパイラルムーンハートロッド (M302, M301)
Spiral Moon Heart Rod

12. ムーンコズミックパワーメイクアップ (M305, M306, M308)
Moon Cosmic Power Makeup

13. ピュアな心の結晶は無事 (M361, M363)
Pure na kokoro no kesshou wa buji (“The Pure Heart Crystal is Safe”)

14. セーラー戦士同士の対立 (M312, M337+M366, M344A, M34, M339)
Sailor senshi doushi no tairitsu (“Sailor Soldier Companions Confrontation”)

15. マントは虹色 (M304, M3030)
Mantle wa nijiiro (“Rainbow Mantle”)

16. タキシード・ミラージュ ~インストヴァージョン~
Tuxedo Mirage ~Instrumental Version~

17. Sアイキャッチ音楽 (M318)
S Eyecatch Music

18. 聖杯 (M311A)
Seihai (“Holy Grail”) [Saturn’s appearance music, also heard in Sailor Stars]

19. 帰ってきたちびうさ (M325, M328, F8, F8B)
Kaette kita ChibiUsa (“Return of ChibiUsa”)

20. セーラーサターン (M348, M330)
Sailor Saturn

21. スーパーセーラームーン (M364, M309, M357)
Super Sailor Moon

22. タキシード・ミラージュ TVサイズ
Tuxedo Mirage [TV Size] [Lyrics]

23. S予告編音楽 (M320, M320A, M321)
S Yokokuhen Ongaku (“S Preview Music”)

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