Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Original Album DJ Moon 2

CD Cover

This CD features radio play tracks similar to DJ Moon 1, but with more of a plotline. Only four background music tracks are included on this CD, about half the total running time of DJ Moon 1. Each track is composed of multiple cues. Notably, Sailor Venus’ Make Up BGM is the first cue on Track 10. I split the track into two cues when encoding it.

Three songs are duplicated from DJ Moon 1: Kirari*Sailor Dream!, Over Rainbow ♥ Tour, and C’est La Vie ~ Watashi no Naka no Koisuru Bubun The version of Kirari*Sailor Dream! that appears on this CD sounds a bit different from the version on the single and DJ Moon 1: more sound effects and beats have been added and the levels adjusted.

Visit Sailor Dream for scans and full description.

Track Title Performer
1. DJ 1
2. キラリ☆セーラードリームマーチ (BGM)
Kirari☆Sailor Dream March (BGM)
3. DJ 2
4. (主題歌)キラリ☆セーラードリーム!
(Shudaika) Kirari☆Sailor Dream! (“(Theme Song) Sparkle☆Sailor Dream!”)
5. DJ 3
6. 大好きなあの人と (BGM)
Daisuki na ano Hito to (“With that loved person”) (BGM)
7. DJ 4
8. オーバーレインボー♥ツアー
Over Rainbow ♥ Tour
SAWAI Miyuu (Usagi)
9. DJ 5
10. ダークキングダムの四従士 (BGM)
Dark Kingdom no Yonjuushi (“Dark Kingdom’s Four Retainers”) (BGM)
11. DJ 6
12. C’est La Vie ~ 私のなかの恋する部分
C’est La Vie ~ Watashi no Naka no Koisuru Bubun (“That’s Life ~ The Loving Part Inside Me”)
KOMATSU Ayaka (Minako)
13. DJ 7
14. クイーンメタリア (BGM)
Queen Metalia (BGM)
15. DJ 8
16. ラブリーエール
Lovely Yell
AZAMA Myuu (Makoto)
17. DJ 9
18. 約束
Yakusoku (“Promise”)
HAMA Chisaki (Ami)
19. DJ 10
20. 桜吹雪
Sakura Fubuki (“Cherry Blossom Storm”)
KITAGAWA Keiko (Rei)
21. DJ 11