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 Journey of Star (Sailor Star Song) - Sailor Stars Opening.mp328-Oct-2010 16:27 3.7M 
 Make A Wish In Wind (Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto) - Sailor Stars Ending.mp328-Oct-2010 16:28 3.8M 
 Never Give Up (Rashiku Ikimasho) - SuperS Ending 2.mp328-Oct-2010 16:30 3.3M 
 Pray Under Moon (Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute) - SuperS Ending 1.mp328-Oct-2010 16:31 4.4M 
 Pretty Eternal Legend (Moonlight Densetsu) - SuperS Opening.mp328-Oct-2010 16:32 2.8M 
 Sailor Moon Opening Theme (Cantonese).mp328-Oct-2010 16:34 2.6M