Sailor Moon: Ai ha Dokoni Aruno?

Sailor Moon: In Another Dream

Sailor Moon R: Mirai he Mukatte

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Sailor Moon S: Uranus-Neptune-Chibimoon

Sailor Moon: Gasshou Kumikyoku (Choral Suite)

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Sailor Moon Best Song Collection: Pretty Cast

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Memorial Song Box

  • Released 1997.9.20 by Columbia Japan. Reissued 2001.7.20. Out of print.
  • Price: 13,125 Yen (about $120 USD)

The six-disc Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Memorial Song Box features most of the anime songs released during the series, with Sailor Moon R image singles and Uranus-Neptune-Chibimoon songs being notable exceptions. The box comes with a 120-page booklet that includes lyrics and a list of all the Sailor Moon CDs released. Each disc comes in a jewel case with a folded sheet with an illustration by Takeuchi Naoko on the front and an anime image on the back. The box cover and CD case covers were specially designed for this set by Naoko. When put together the CD covers form a scene (printed in full in the Sailor Moon Original Picture Collection Volume V).

TV-size editions of the openings and endings, instrumental versions of the Sailor Senshi singles, and additional karaoke versions are found on the Memorial Music Box.

TV Series Theme Song Collection

Sailor Moon Song Collection

Sailor Moon R Song Collection + Movie Edition Theme Song Collection

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Song Collection

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Poem & Prologue Collection

Sailor Moon Series Unreleased Karaoke Best Collection